ozone therapy

Ozone (O³) is a 3-atom molecule and a very high energy-carrying form of oxygen (O²). It was discovered in 1785 and synthesized in 1840 (and as far back as 1881) produced from pure medical grade oxygen. It is antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and can neutralize all toxins (phenols, pesticides, detergents, chemical wastes, and aromatic compounds) as well as killing microorganisms due to its strong oxidizing properties. ​Ozone used in medicine is produced from pure oxygen in special generators to ensure it's in the purest form.

We offer Ozone 10 Pass (Hyperbaric Treatment) which is the best Ozone Treatment you can obtain. This systemic treatment saturates all cells in the body, rebuilds damaged cells, stimulates stem cell regrowth, and repairs the immune system. When patients are struggling with chronic illness, this is the recommended treatment plan. Read more on the benefits of Ozone below!

We also offer Prolozone Injections which are Ozone injections that include vitamins to aid in the best results possible. These injections are beneficial in any joint in the body and also work for those who have scar tissue damage, desire some natural cosmetic lifting, or assistance with stretch marks and scars.

Build Immunity

Strengthen your immune system and increase resistance to infectious diseases.

lower stress

Relieve depression-induced tension by oxidizing adrenaline, the stress hormone.

fight cancer

Enhance chemotherapy and radiation treatments while decreasing their side effects.

reduce pain

Increase muscle flexibility and mobility yet reduce joint pain and cartilage loss.

Feel better with Ozone Therapy.