meet the team

HNH Wellness Center is dedicated to caring for the whole person - body, mind and spirit. We believe that to be completely whole, it takes identifying not only root causes on the physical level, but also on the emotional and spiritual levels.  

At HNH, we use EDSA (Electrodermal Stress Analysis) to determine root causes for ailments. We then incorporate the use of Ozone Therapy, the appropriate organic supplements, tinctures, and certain IV therapies to address those root causes. Next, we offer several different emotional and spiritual therapies. This includes spiritual and physical energy work and emotional encoding. 

Everything that we do here at HNH Wellness is centered in love. We want the patient to know that we have all had similar journeys and it was through the love and support of those around us that we have been made whole and that is our desire for every patient we see.


about the provider

Michelle Wray

Michelle is licensed with the state of Tennessee as a Family Nurse Practitioner. Michelle’s own health problems are what lead her to take a closer look at true healing and not just relying on a drug to get her through the day. As a nurse, she was trained to treat the whole person, but once she became sick herself with Lupus, she realized that our healthcare system is not set up to treat the whole person or to find the root cause of an illness.

Through the discovery of other modalities such as ozone, functional medicine, and energy therapy, she has learned the importance of treating not only the body but the mind and spirit and that is what she has built her practice on. She continues to study through the Institute of Functional Medicine and has earned her master’s level in Reiki energy therapy and has been certified in advanced ozone therapy treatment. Michelle has been able to heal from her Lupus and knows that the answers do not always lie with the physical, a person’s emotional and spiritual wellbeing can cause physical illness as well and so it is very important to treat the whole patient and that is what
Michelle strives for.

During her time off, Michelle enjoys spending time at home with her husband Derrick and their two dogs Bart and Reese. The couple are beekeepers and enjoy working in the garden. When time allows, they enjoy spending time at the lake or visiting with family and friends.


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