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Where modern medicine has failed, Ozone Therapy has prevailed. With results driven treatment plans, HNH Wellness focuses on the whole person - body, mind, and spirit. Tired of being tired? Tired of going from one medication to another? It's time to go back to when health was focused on the individual patient and how best to improve their quality of life. Let us help you live your best life!

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about the provider

Michelle Wray

Michelle is licensed with the state of Tennessee as a Family Nurse Practitioner. Michelle’s own health problems are what lead her to take a closer look at true healing and not just relying on a drug to get her through the day. As a nurse, she was trained to treat the whole person, but once she became sick herself with Lupus, she realized that our healthcare system is not set up to treat the whole person or to find the root cause of an illness.

Through the discovery of other modalities such as ozone, functional medicine, and energy therapy, she has learned the importance of treating not only the body but the mind and spirit and that is what she has built her practice on.

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